Noah Kahan released a remix of Call Your Mom with Lizzy McAlpine today. I have been following Noah since Hurt Somebody, his first EP, from 2018, and I even went to his concert earlier this year when he came to Purdue. I also have listened to some of Lizzy’s songs (Ceilings, All My Ghosts, and a fantastic cover of Stayin’ Alive she did with Scary Pockets). The song is fantastic as expected, and Lizzy’s voice adds much depth to already-great-song. I should listen to more of Lizzy because damn, her voice is something.

Today I learned that Debian was first released on September 15. Debian was announced by Ian Murdock on the Linux Usenet on August 16, 1993, and 0.01, the first internal release, was out on September 15, 1993. Yes, Debian is exactly 9 years older than me. I knew that Ian Murdock was a Purdue CS alumni, but damn, maybe it’s the sign for me to switch to Debian.

Watch Brodie Robertson’s YouTube video on Debian history for more background.

I found a ladybug on my window frame. It made me happy.